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This is the default installation of H.H.G. multistore. All items are presented to demonstrate the operation. If you order products, so these are not delivered, nor is charged. All information on the various products are invented and therefore can not claim to be derived.

If you are interested in the program, which is the basis for this shop, so visit please support the site of H.H.G. multistore.

The text can be shown here in the Admin Interface at the point Content Manager - entry index edited.

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Coupons buy Coupons can, if they are offered in the Shop, as normal articles are bought. As soon as you a coupon to have bought and this was de-energised after...
How does pricespy work? A pricespy observes selected articles for you on a price given by you. If the price of the article should be through e.g. special...
How does the wishlist work? You create simply a new wishlist by clicking "create new". Therein you can place products, which you would like to buy, but do not...
Conditions of Use
Conditions of Use Put here your Conditions of Use information. 1. Validity 2. Offers 3. Price 4. Dispatch and passage of the risk 5. Delivery 6. Terms of payment 7....